18 Simple Packing Tips for your 2017 Holiday

1. Before you even start packing make a list of all the things you will need to take with you. For example; Toothbrush, chargers, etc.

2. Use plastic (preferably see through*) small bottles to pack toiletries etc. If you take just enough shampoo or lotions in such bottles you won’t have to carry large heavy bottles and save space and weight. This is especially useful if you are trying to get everything in cabin luggage. * This will also fulfil security rules when flying.

3. When you are packing things into a backpack, place the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier items on top. This will make your bag feel lighter as it rests on your lower back. It is also smart to put the things you use most on top. Dirty clothes are ideal for the bottom of the back pack.

4. Wrap plastic bags around items you pack such as toiletries. Not only will this prevent messy leaks it will be a useful bag for dirty clothes or rubbish when you get to your destination.

5. Pack in plastic! Pack everything in clear plastic bags (preferably zip lock). Divide items into different plastic bags, so underwear in one, T-shirts in another etc. One plastic bag for each type of clothing. If you do this then when you unpack your bag, you just need to take out a series of bags and you can see immediately what you want. So if you have an overnight stay somewhere you just need to take one item out of the plastic bag – no rummaging through trying to find it. Also, if you are asked to unpack at customs then you won’t have to pull your clothes out in front of everybody, you just need to take out half a dozed plastic bags and the content can be clearly seen if you use see-through bags. Then re-packing is easy as well.

6. Pack ONLY clothes that you know you will use. If you are going for a long time then ensure you are able to launder your clothes on the road.

7. If you are flying somewhere had especially if you have some stopovers divide your clothes between different bags, suitcases etc. If you are travelling as a group share out your clothes so that everyone carries some clothes of everyone else. That way if one persons luggage doesn’t arrive at the destination they will still have clean clothes available. Airlines generally don’t compensate lost luggage for the first 48 hours so this could save you money on buying replacement clothes.

8. When packing to head to the beach pre pack whatever you might need at the beach into a beach bag (a full and extensive range  of beach bags are available at Bags ETC. and DOMO stores and at www.bagsetc.com/Bags-ETC-summer-handbags ).Then put the beach bag in your suitcase. This will save you time and mean you are better organised.

9. If you are packing gifts to take with you don’t wrap them until you reach your destination. This will save space and the gift will look a lot nicer if wrapped AFTER being transported.

10. When packing battery operated items turn the batteries around so that even if they are knocked, they won’t come on and waste the battery life. Don’t forget to turn them back around when you get to your destination and want to use them!

11. If you have a baby and have to take a Nappy bag then this is a great place to put your valuables! It isn’t likely to be the first thing stolen, especially if you have used nappy’s inside!

12. When packing shoes keep them separate from other items by putting them in a plastic bag. This will help any shoe odour not to spread to your clothes. Also, as shoes soles are quite tough pack them at the edge of you case where they might add extra support against impacts.

13. Keep any medication and important papers with you in pockets or on board luggage. Also keep an emergency change of underwear in on board bags in case your luggage goes missing.

14. You will often fit more in if you roll clothes rather than folding them. They will likely be less creased the other side too. Rolling them in tissue will protect them further.

15. If you are going to where it is hot a cooler bag will be handy to keep drinks and things cold. Rather than packing one as an extra item use a cooler bag as a toiletry bag.

16. For space saving a avoiding the security problems of carrying liquids on board you can get solid shampoo bars and tooth powder rather than paste. These products are available on line.

17. If carrying breakable items pack them in the middles of the case with clothes surrounding them. This will offer added protection.

18. Use things to help identify your suitcase and bags. Brightly coloured luggage straps, labels and locks will help you locate and extract you luggage quicker! (A full and extensive range of accessories are available at Bags ETC. and DOMO stores and at www.bagsetc.com/Bags-ETC-Accessories).