Warranty Claims


All it luggage is designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of an international traveller.

Your new luggage comes with a 10 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Allowing for reasonable wear and tear, should any such fault or defect become apparent during the warranty period, Bags Etc and it luggage will endeavour to repair or replace your luggage.

Bags Etc and it luggage are unable to take responsibility for damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse or mishandling, including handling by third parties*.

All warranty claims should be supported with your warranty certificate on your luggage and accompanied by proof of purchase such as a till receipt. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. If you would like to report a claim and you purchased from Bags Etc, please contact support@bagsetc.co.uk for assistance. For any luggage not purchased with Bags Etc, you can visit http://www.itluggage.com/customer-services or contact customerservice@itluggage.co.uk

*Airline Damage

Airlines are the most common cause of damage to luggage - it luggage and Bags Etc are not responsible for any damage that occurs whilst the luggage is in transit. We strongly suggest that, should your piece of luggage be damaged whilst flying, you report it to the airline that you have flown with before you leave the airport. We suggest you check your luggage for signs of damage once you have collected it from the carousel.